16 WBC Dr. Steve Woolf, Relationships, The Key to Learning

by Steve Wyckoff on March 12, 2013

imgresSteve Woolf

Relationships! A major key to learning!

Husband, Daddy, & Educator

Steve is married (Kellie) and has four sons – two of which are still in high school.  In addition to being a middle school principal and superintendent for the past 23 years, Steve is speaks across the nation on issues dealing with leadership, student motivation, and preparing our schools to prepare our students for their future.

Steve was named the Kansas Middle School Principal of the Year in 1994 .  He was awarded the $25,000 Milken National Educator Award in 1995.  In 2002, Steve was inducted into the Jostens Renaissance Hall of Fame.  Steve is currently the superintendent of schools where he grew up in Central Kansas.

In addition to time spent with his family and school, Steve is involved with “Mountain Man” reenactments, competes in the Scottish Heavy Throwing Events, builds community gardens, cheers on his sons at athletic events, and has had some of his stories published by the people who publish the Chicken Soup for the Soul books.  Steve has also acted in several “Focus On The Family” film bits, commercials, and has even acted in film.

You probably ought to know that Steve also tied for first place at his 1st grade field day competition in the 30-yard dash.  Honest… he has the ribbon and everything. J

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