January 2013

13 WBC Kevin Honeycutt, Catching Up With Kevin

by Steve Wyckoff on January 29, 2013


Kevin Honeycutt

This episode features an interview that we did with Kevin Honeycutt. Kevin is a coworker, close friend, and renowned worldwide speaker on educational topics. More information can be found on Kevin at his website which is loaded with valuable information.

This interview lasts about 45 minutes which is much longer than our typical show will be. However, when we have the opportunity to visit with a guest the caliber of Kevin Honeycutt we’ll take advantage while we have the opportunity.

Kevin is not only an inspirational speaker, but a prolific action researcher. Kevin will spend over 200 days on the road this year, yet every time he has a chance he will spend his open days in a school, working with kids and teachers.

It is indeed a pleasure to get to visit with Kevin Honeycutt!

Kevin’s Bio:

Instructional Technology & Integration
Online Safety
Social “Learning” Networks
Mentoring Digital Kids
Bully Prevention
Keynote Speaker
Project / Problem Based Learning

Technology Integration Specialist (Testimonials)

Kevin grew up in poverty and attended school in many cities across the United States. As he witnessed education around the country, he collected powerful experiences that still influence his conversations and his work with educators. He spent 13 years teaching art K-12 in public school and for 17 years spent summers leading creative adventure camps for kids of all ages. In 1991 he received the Making IT Happen Award which is an internationally recognized awards program for educators and leaders in the field of educational technology integration in K–12 schools. The program identifies and rewards educational technology leaders around the world for their commitment and innovation.

He is currently serving his ninth year as a Technology Integration Specialist at ESSDACK, an educational service center based in Hutchinson, Kansas. At ESSDACK he researches and designs programs, training and staff development with a strong passion for helping teachers and learners become successful with educational uses of technology. He shares his thinking and learning on his blog Tradigital Learning and in his podcast Driving Questions in Education. He is a school board member in the town of Inman Kansas and is currently serving in his second term. He feels that one of his most important roles is to help envision what the future holds for learners and to help move schools in the right direction. During his classroom tenure, he developed project-based approaches to learning that infused technology and problem solving skills into the curriculum. He created a film program for kids and developed it into a fully functioning curriculum at the high school level. He co-developed a PBL approach called the Life Practice Model with colleague Ginger Lewman and they provide training and certification in this powerful, student driven approach to learning.

Kevin has developed online safety, anti-bullying and cyber-bullying curriculum which he shares with parents, teachers and students around the country. He certifies instructors in this curriculum and supports trainers as they go out and do this important work. His recent book,Don’t Stay Under The Couch: Starbuck and The Bully is the centerpiece of his Pre-K-6 curriculum. He continues to work with schools to develop innovative, engaging curriculum to better prepare learners for the world they will face when they graduate. He is passionate about meeting the needs of at-risk learners and works with kids in juvenile detention, developing approaches to re-engage the “lost” learner. Kevin travels the country and the world speaking at conferences and working with educators at the grassroots level and likes to promote a “tradigital” approach to education.  Kevin likes to bring his personal life experience and a sense of humor and creativity to the mission of helping prepare 21st century learners!

Kevin is also a popular keynote speaker for conferences around the world.  From inspirational speeches to sharply targeted messages about leveraging technology to prepare learners for the future, he will kick your conference off with a bang and leave people talking and ready to think. Visit his website for more information.

12 WBC Gary Sechrist – School Leadership

by Steve Wyckoff on January 28, 2013

garsecGary Sechrist

Superintendent Gary Sechrist has announced his intent to take early retirement affective June 30th.  He tendered his resignation to the USD 405 Board of Education at the January BOE meeting. Sechrist has accepted a position with the Kansas Association of School Boards in their leadership division.   “I was not looking for a new position as I have enjoyed my tenure in USD 405.”  Mr. Sechrist said.

Gary Sechrist graduated from Fort Hays University and began his teaching career as an Art teacher at Hays High School. In 1983 he moved to Lindsborg to teach Art and also coached football, basketball and track. In ’92 Sechrist accepted a position as assistant principal in the Kingman school district. After only 3 months, he moved to principal when the current principal left. 1996 brought the Sechrist family to Lyons where Gary served as Lyons High School principal. Mr Sechrist replaced Mr. Darrel Kellerman as superintendent of USD 405 four years ago. Sechrist said, “I have appreciated my tenure in Lyons as the high school principal for 13 years and the superintendency for 4 years.”
In his new position for KASB, Gary will be serving the western Kansas area. His focus will be BOE training, district goal setting, superintendent searches and working with superintendents. Mr and Mrs. Sechrist will continue to make Lyons their home.

Story image 2_0
Sechrist paricipating in the 3rd grade Pat On Back program at Central.

KASB is a not-for-profit organization located in Topeka, Kansas that serves members of governing boards for unified school districts, community colleges, area vocational-technical schools and cooperatives, interlocals and regional service centers.
The leadership division provides training customized to meet the needs of a district.  The Association helps develop and support  boards and administrators on school improvement and student achievement through seminars, research, evaluations and training. The department also oversees the KASB Superintendent Search service and administrator search service. KASB provides training, advice and support in all areas of district operations.
The USD 405 Board of Education met Thursday, January 17th to begin the selection process for a new superintendent.  A KASB representative was present to determine the specifics of the search.