March 2013

imgresSteve Woolf

Relationships! A major key to learning!

Husband, Daddy, & Educator

Steve is married (Kellie) and has four sons – two of which are still in high school.  In addition to being a middle school principal and superintendent for the past 23 years, Steve is speaks across the nation on issues dealing with leadership, student motivation, and preparing our schools to prepare our students for their future.

Steve was named the Kansas Middle School Principal of the Year in 1994 .  He was awarded the $25,000 Milken National Educator Award in 1995.  In 2002, Steve was inducted into the Jostens Renaissance Hall of Fame.  Steve is currently the superintendent of schools where he grew up in Central Kansas.

In addition to time spent with his family and school, Steve is involved with “Mountain Man” reenactments, competes in the Scottish Heavy Throwing Events, builds community gardens, cheers on his sons at athletic events, and has had some of his stories published by the people who publish the Chicken Soup for the Soul books.  Steve has also acted in several “Focus On The Family” film bits, commercials, and has even acted in film.

You probably ought to know that Steve also tied for first place at his 1st grade field day competition in the 30-yard dash.  Honest… he has the ribbon and everything. J

15 WBC Terri Peckham and Dropout Recovery

by Steve Wyckoff on March 8, 2013

terripeckhamTerri Peckham

Director of Student Services Terri coordinates and oversees Direct Student Services at ESSDACK which includes the 14 ESSDACK Learning Centers.  The learning centers offer a diploma completion program that provides adult learners the opportunity to complete their high school diplomas. Learning centers also provide credit recovery options for high school students. Additional services she offers are professional development for ESL instructors and paras along with training in the new Kansas Professional Development regulations. She is currently working to develop Project Based Curriculum for implementation into all of these instructional venues. Terri taught English and social studies for 12 years before joining ESSDACK in 2000. Her hobbies include reading, counted cross-stitch, gardening and playing with her eight dogs. Contact Terri

Dropout-Prevention-Recovery_0Dropout Recovery and Prevention

The ESSDACK Learning Center concept began as a performance-based high school diploma program for adults in 1996 in four central Kansas locations. In its ten years of existence, the program has evolved and expanded into community learning centers in 14 locations.

Crucial to the Learning Center success is the support of the sponsoring high schools, many of which now also utilize the program as an alternative for traditionally-aged high school students, both as drop-out and recovery. Courses meet the standards of the district issuing the diploma.

The high school diploma program is consistent in all of the learning centers. The program is individualized for each student both in content and schedule. The students work at their own pace and set their own goals and timeline. The addition of totally virtual delivery in 2005 allows for anywhere, anytime learning. The addition of a career development component in the fall of 2006 helps meet long term goals of students.

Each learning center has adapted to meet the needs of the community it serves. The Centers now provide classes such as computer classes, ESL classes, virtual art, and workplace classes to community members. The flexibility of the courses allow each student to juggle employment and family responsibilities while earning his or her diploma.

To view information on a specific learning center, please click on the links below. For other questions, please contact Terri Peckham.

Learning Center Locations:

  • Anthony Learning Center, 107 W. Main, Anthony, Kansas
  • Barton County Academy, 5220 W. 10th , Great Bend, Kansas | Facebook
  • Goodland Community Learning Center, 912 Main, Goodland, Kansas
  • Harvey County Learning Center, 1025  Washington Rd., Suite B, Newton, KS 67114
  • Haysville Learning Café, 315 N. Main, Haysville, KS 67060 | iHigh | Facebook
  • Herington Community Learning Center, Herington, Kansas
  • Hutch Mall Learning, Center, 1500 E. 11th Ave., Hutchison, Kansas
  • Macksville Adult Education Center, Macksvile High School, 422 N. Gilmore, Macksville, Kansas | Facebook
  • Marion County Learning Center, 107 S. Main, Hillsboro, Kansas
  • McPherson County Learning Center, 915 E. First Street McPherson, KS 67460 | Facebook
  • Pawnee County Learning Center, 209 E. 6th Ave, Larned, Kansas
  • Reno County Learning Center, One South Adams, Hutchinson, Kansas
  • Stafford County Learning Center, 318 E. Broadway, Stafford, Kansas
  • Thomas County Learning Center, 305 N. Franklin, Colby, Kansas 67701
  • Kingman County Learning Center, 109 N. Main, Kingman, KS 67068 |Facebook