September 2013

picture-398-1378730811Cody Heitschmidt

Cody loves conversation and having a place to lay out conversation starters was the driving force behind him launching a blog in Feb of 2008.

  • He talks about what he want to talk about.
  • He welcomes requests to write a guest post… just contact him however you want. (start here)
  • He shares some private stuff, some political thoughts, some business stuff and some random stupid stuff.
  • He welcomes any kind of interaction with you… he also hold the right to deem you a jackass and not interact with you… it’s his choice. But know this… disagreeing with him doesn’t make you wrong in his opinion and he truly strives to stay open-minded… He likes discussion because he admits he doesn’t know everything.
  • Heis not an expert or a guru at anything. But he thinks he can add to a conversation on several subjects and he wants to learn more.
  • Yes, he promotes some of the things h does to pay the bills. Cause.. he’s got bills. He doesn’t do it much.
  • Thanks for stopping by.

About Cody

This was written by his Mother… so, there you go… (Thanks Mom)

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