4 WBC Glenn Wiebe Teaching Social Studies In The 21st Century

by Steve Wyckoff on October 26, 2012

Glenn came to ESSDACK in 2000 to work as the Social Studies Specialist on the Curriculum Development Team. Prior to ESSDACK, Glenn taught for almost a decade as a middle level Social Science teacher before spending five years in the Social Science department at Tabor College, Hillsboro, Kansas.

As a state certified standards trainer with a Master’s degree in American History, he is able to facilitate curriculum and assessment writing for schools and districts as well as research-based best practices in Social Studies. Glenn also works with teachers on Curriculum Mapping, Understanding by Design, and the Common Core. He facilitates technology integration topics such as mobile devices, blogging, social media, online learning, website development, and provides support in copyright/plagiarism issues.

Glenn maintains two web sites that focus on Social Studies and Technology Integration:

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