7 WBC Professor Ian Gibson And The State Of Education Around The World

by Steve Wyckoff on October 29, 2012

Prof. Ian W. Gibson ,comes from a background in teaching, school based curriculum development, school leadership, and teacher education.


Professor Ian Gibson is a consultant to Imagine Education and a Professorial Fellow in Teacher Education at Liverpool Hope University. He is also Education Director for tara.Education, an NGO focusing upon teacher education, teacher quality, and cross cultural initiatives between India and Australia. From 2005-2012 he was the Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation Professor and Chair in Education, responsible for the development of ‘Teachers For The Future’ at Macquarie University in Australia.  During this time he was also Associate Dean for Research and the President of the international Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education.

Prior to this he was Associate Professor and the Chair of the Department of Educational Leadership at Wichita State University in The United States (1998-2005). From 1989 -1997 he was Associate Dean, Deputy Dean, and Acting Dean of the School of Education at the University of Southern Queensland in Australia. Previous to these posts, he was Director of Educational and Management Support Systems and founding Director of the Educational Support Centre in a large school district (USD 260) in Derby, Kansas, USA. His early educational career began as a primary school teacher in state and alternative schools. His transition to higher education began at a College of Advanced Education in Sydney in 1977.

He is a multi-skilled academic teacher, researcher, and instructional designer; an experienced instructor with solid background in information and communication technologies and a variety of pedagogies; he has a proven track record in educational leadership, curriculum design, development and evaluation, and provides strong evidence of published scholarly work. His academic profile embraces teaching, staff development and training, programme and curriculum development, capacity building, and research and project management in both developed and developing countries.

He has lived and worked in Australia, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom, and has presented his research, managed projects, and been a member of a variety of delegations in Bangladesh, India, China, Russia, Mexico, Canada, a variety of countries of the European Union, Cyprus, Greece, New Zealand, Fiji, Malaysia, and Kiribati. His areas of expertise and experience are complemented by proficiency in E-learning/Networked Learning, Educational Technology (virtual learning environments), computer-mediated communication, human-computer interaction and computer/IT literacies and the means of incorporating these technology based learning tools into the professional practice, philosophies and pedagogies of teachers and the visioning and strategic planning of school leaders.




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