9 WBC A world perspective, education down under in New Zealand

by Steve Wyckoff on December 3, 2012

Ali Hughes – CEO

With a background in secondary school teaching and management in the UK, and with 10 years experience in tertiary education within New Zealand, Ali brings a wealth of managerial and education experience to her role as CEO of CORE.

Ali holds a Masters in Business (MBA), is a member of the New Zealand Institute of Directors and an Associate Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Management. Ali is Chair of her local primary school Board of Trustees and is the immediate past President of the Association for Tertiary Education Management (ATEM Aotearoa).


Derek Wenmoth – Director, eLearning 

With more than 20 years as a teacher and principal, and in pre and in-service teacher education, Derek brings a broad background of practical and strategic experience to his position at CORE. He is an experienced group facilitator across the education and community sectors, and is involved in conceptual and strategic leadership at school, regional, national, and international level. A frequent conference speaker and an author, Derek is regularly called upon as a consultant to the Ministry of Education.



Tātai Aho Rau is a concept that represents a number of elements within CORE Education Ltd, and because of this, it has no literal translation. Rather, we seek meaning and understanding through the words and their meanings in relation to the harakeke and weaving.

Tātai – in relation to weaving, is the action of weaving, layering one strand on top of the next and so on. Understanding the connection and relationships of the strands within the weave is important in the production of the final product. At CORE Education, our core business invites us as providers to arrange, prioritise, study connections, measure importance, and exploit the connections and relationships in positive ways, in an attempt to discover supports that will best suit our clients. We are open to continuous learning, reflective in our approach.

Aho – when applied to weaving is a strand or thread. Within CORE Education, the aho relates to our core business, that is, teaching/learning and all the elements associated with this and what we do to encourage, empower clients. Aho also relates to the key elements of professional learning/development that we as CORE advocate, including mentorship, reflection, community participation, empowerment, formative assessment all these elements we weave together in the provision of support we provide.

Rau—meaning a leaf and many/multitudes. Taking the harakeke, rau are the leaves within the harakeke bush. Harakeke characteristically grows in family groups of 5 leaves, the rito (child) in the centre, mātua (parents) on the outer, and finally the kaumātua (grandparents) on the very outer. A well established harakeke bush is made up of a number of these family groups. When applying this notion to the makeup of CORE Education, we are naturally drawn to the many groupings within CORE, mainly based on projects that we currently hold. However there are other groupings that have developed from a specific need, for example, CORE Achieve, CORE Events, CORE Research, CORE Aspire, CORE Enable, CORE Online.

Taking the other meaning of rau, multitudes/many, we know the strength of the harakeke bush is attributed to the many family groupings within. A lone whānau of harakeke will not thrive as well on its own, thus, the strength of CORE education is in the many groups within the company, along with the many connections and relationships we have with others.

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