Awesome Blog Post: You Have To Read This!

by Steve Wyckoff on January 28, 2010

A friend of mine sent me a blog post this morning from Nick Finck. It’s a 128 slide presentation on Netflix’s corporate culture. It’s very impressive stuff. It begins by talking about the seven aspects of culture:

  • values are what we value
  • high-performance
  • freedom and responsibility
  • context, not control
  • highly aligned, loosely coupled
  • pay top of market
  • promotions and development

The rest of the slideshow elaborates on the seven aspects of culture as they are viewed and implemented at Netflix. Take the time to look through it it’s really good. I’m working my way through the presentation now with all kinds of thoughts running through my head. I’m going to pick and choose some of the slides to talk about more extensively. Stay tuned.

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