Cody Heitschmidt, the non-educator on education (What’s Become Clear #23)

by Steve Wyckoff on September 11, 2013

picture-398-1378730811Cody Heitschmidt

Cody loves conversation and having a place to lay out conversation starters was the driving force behind him launching a blog in Feb of 2008.

  • He talks about what he want to talk about.
  • He welcomes requests to write a guest post… just contact him however you want. (start here)
  • He shares some private stuff, some political thoughts, some business stuff and some random stupid stuff.
  • He welcomes any kind of interaction with you… he also hold the right to deem you a jackass and not interact with you… it’s his choice. But know this… disagreeing with him doesn’t make you wrong in his opinion and he truly strives to stay open-minded… He likes discussion because he admits he doesn’t know everything.
  • Heis not an expert or a guru at anything. But he thinks he can add to a conversation on several subjects and he wants to learn more.
  • Yes, he promotes some of the things h does to pay the bills. Cause.. he’s got bills. He doesn’t do it much.
  • Thanks for stopping by.

About Cody

This was written by his Mother… so, there you go… (Thanks Mom)


Cody is an only child of Dick Heitschmidt and Pam Lyle. He lived in Hutchinson, Kansas until he was 19 years old. His childhood was filled with family vacations, hunting with his dad, playing basketball, times at the cabin lakehouse with his grandparents, church activities and always surrounded by a variety of friends.  He was blessed to live in the same community with both maternal and paternal grandparents and spent a great deal of time with both.

Military Career

United States Marine Corps 1994 – 1998.  Spent time as a Point Man, Radio Operator, Team Leader and Sniper in a Marine Recon Team.


After leaving the military and returning to Hutchinson, Kansas, Cody did a short but enjoyable time with Koch Industries, leaving to develop and build H&R Outfitters, a hunting guide/outfitting business. In 2003, he teamed up with his wife, Tamara, in her business LogicMaze, LLC. Web Designs and Small Business Marketing to do Sales and Business Development.  Together they grew the business and sold it to regional media corporation in December, 2008.

Cody has spoke and consulted businesses and organizations on the uses of digital communications to spread their message since 2003 and continues to do so today.

Worldwide Conversation

Cody truly enjoys discussing anything and everything with anyone and everyone. Just check him on twitter: Codyks – he will be there to talk.

Community Involvement

Cody was one of the original committee members in the development of the Young Professionals Organization in Reno county that has now grown to over 250 members; he was also instrumental in the marketing and publicity of organizing the first “Third Thursdays” that are now a popular event in the downtown area of Hutchinson; he served on the Boys and Girls Club Board, Hutchinson College Advisory Boards, Hutchinson Convention and Visitors Advisory Board. He enjoys being a “Big” for Big Brothers and Big Sisters. He’s true sense of love for his community is one of his main driving factors in life. 


Last, but not least, the very most important thing in Cody’s life – his family.  Cody married his best friend from high school in 1995, who is his very best friend in life – Tamara (West) Heitschmidt.  Baylee Raner, their daughter, was born in May, 1997, bringing them to the decision to move from San Diego, California back to family at Hutchinson, Kansas.  She’s been the joy of his life – everything a daughter can be, beautiful, smart, kind, athletic and just a “daddy’s girl.”  Two years later, Chance James, came along and their life is just, well, pretty perfect.  Chance likes to hunt, loves football, basketball, top student, very kind, just a great kid.  Cody’s hobbies? Well, you just read them, Tamara, Baylee, Chance – anything that involves the four of them – work, soccer, volleyball, coaching football, coaching basketball, hunting, again, anything that the family can do together. 

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