Remarkable Chatter … our first episode

by Steve Wyckoff on September 20, 2012

Over at Remarkable Chatter we’ve launched a series of podcast shows. Here’s the first official podcast that Tamara Konrade and I did. Enjoy.

Remarkable Chatter is both a podcast show and a network. The podcast is a weekly show hosted by Tamara Konrade and Steve Wyckoff. They discuss educational issues and trends, and interview creative, innovative and highly effective educators. In addition they interview non-educators who contribute the our knowledge of the world and trends which effect education.

The Remarkable Chatter network is a collection of podcast shows hosted by innovative, creative and highly effective educators with insights and knowledge that can benefit every educator. We will continue to add new shows as we discover new and interesting shows done by educators around the world. If you are an educational podcaster and would be interested in joining our network please contact us through our contact page.

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