School change: Are you the dream manager in your school?

by Steve Wyckoff on May 3, 2010

Almost nobody, and especially our kids, have ever identified their dreams. I guess we just don’t think about it in those terms. If you haven’t you need to read the book Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly. In fact, I would say that if you have read the book dream manager and you haven’t started doing something with your students to help them achieve their dreams, you are guilty of professional malpractice. Okay maybe that’s a little strong, but this is good stuff.

Kelly talks about the purpose of every business is to become the best version of that business that it can be. And he also talks about the purpose for every person in that business is to become the best version of themselves that they can be.

So doesn’t it make sense that we should help every student be the very best version of themselves? And not the version that we think they should be, but the best version of what they want to be?

I’ve started talking about three words that I think we need to focus on in education. No, not like we normally focus on things, where we talk about them until were convince ourselves that we are already doing them. Actually focusing on them to make school change.

The three words; Inspiration, Passion, and Remarkable.

I think if we inspire kids to identify what it is that they are so passionate about, that they are willing to start the journey to becoming remarkable at that thing, that we will in fact be helping them identify, and begin to achieve their dreams. – Steve Wyckoff

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