School change: Enough with the “college ready”

by Steve Wyckoff on July 19, 2010

If we really want school change the first thing we should abandon is the concept of “college ready” for every student. I know, I’ve said it before, and I could feel you rolling your eyes through the internet. I didn’t say we should completely abandon “college ready,” but it shouldn’t be the main focus of our educational system.

So what should it be? Life ready! We should be focusing on helping every child develop a life plan. Not college plan, not a career plan, a life plan. So you want some evidence? Look at this.

  • Only 28% of Americans have a four year degree -National Center for Public Policy & Higher Education
  • Only 23% of all jobs nation wide require a degree – National Summit on 21st Century Skills for 21st Century Jobs
  • 30% of all college freshman leave before their sophomore year with 0 credits – Education Weekly March 2005
  • 80% 0f 2009 college grads live with their parents – Survey by
  • 70% of 2009 college grads couldn’t find a job in their field – Survey by
  • The average college grad is $20,000 in debt if they attended a public university, much more if they attended a private university. – U.S. Education Department

And I could provide more. The myth that a college degree is a path to prosperity is just that, a myth! So when we talk about school change let’s NOT start with the premise that we need to prepare every student to attend “college”! – Steve Wyckoff

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