School change: everything is okay as long as you follow the old rules!

by Steve Wyckoff on April 15, 2010

School change is always part of the conversation among educators. Over the last two days I’ve attended the state Board of Education meeting, visited with the new executive director of educational Association, had dinner with a State Senator and a state Board of Education member, attended the meeting for alternative schools, and listen and watched parts of the state Board of Education meeting delivered virtually.

What I can tell you that all of these have in common is that 1) the discussion about school change is ubiquitous, and 2) we’re trying to force all of that new thinking about schools to comply with the old rules. Unless of course it benefits the state Department of Education to change the rules for their benefit.

Alternative schools, online schools, declining budgets, and declining enrollments are no match for the status quo. It is obvious to me that it is getting more and more difficult to try to force the square peg that is education in the 21st century, into the round hole that is the educational system that is 115 years out of date.

The combination of central control, a huge bureaucracy, over 100 years of tradition, an old people running the system …  no offense all people … are simply too much to overcome, and make real school change. –  Steve Wyckoff

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