School change: Race to the top, or march to mediocrity?

by Steve Wyckoff on May 24, 2010

These are interesting times as we talk about school change. There are more and more pressures from the federal government that make less and less sense, that are creating more and more pushback from state and local educators. And in my opinion with good reason.

They may be calling it “Race To The Top” but I see it as “The March To Mediocrity.” We are so focused on raising test scores that we have lost sight of what made America the leading nation in the world, innovation and creativity. For some reason we let other nations define what the scorecard is for an outstanding educational system. Test scores.

We have never led the world in terms of test scores. But we have kicked their butts economically. We need to return to our roots. In fact we need to put the push to make our kids more innovative and creative on steroids!

Real school change would mean less standardization, and more customization and individualization. I hope the pushback on Race To The Top not only continues, but accelerates. It’s the wrong direction for school change. – Steve Wyckoff

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