School change: Social media, it’s everywhere … except schools.

by Steve Wyckoff on September 13, 2010

The whole world is changing, and one of the biggest changes involve social media. But for some reason social media isn’t even on the radar of school change. I am fascinated by the impact that social media has had on our lives. It’s affected how we communicate, how we stay informed, and how we stay connected.

Communicating, staying informed, and staying connected seem to me to be important attributes for schools in the 21st century. But it appears that almost all schools block students from accessing social media during the school day on school technology.

Watch this video, it’s fascinating stuff, it appears that isn’t having any impact at all on education.

If you’re an educator and that didn’t blow your mind you need to seriously think about retirement.

We make kids all across America engage in activities that will have little or no impact on their future, or their success in the 21st century. And at the same time we completely ignore some of the most important influences in their lives, now and in the future.

Wake up educators! Pretty soon it will be too late, don’t think for a minute that if you don’t engage in appropriate school change that nothing will happen to your school. It already is, you just don’t know it! – Steve Wyckoff

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