School change: To slow for my taste … BUT…

by Steve Wyckoff on July 16, 2010

As a member of the Kansas Education Commission I remain cautiously optimistic that we may be on the verge of real school change. We’ve met once now as a total commission, and once as a subcommittee for innovation and continuous improvement.

I know, and I admit, that we will never change schools fast enough for me. For heaven sakes the conversation we are having today should’ve been had at least 10 years ago, if not 15 years ago. But better late than never.

I do have some concerns. While we have already had some great conversations it is extremely difficult to have the people within the system redesign the system.

If we had brought together buggy makers 100 years ago and tasked them with redesigning the mode of transportation, they would have designed a better buggy. I worry that that may be the path the commission follows, designing a better obsolete system.

But we have to start somewhere, and since we don’t have any natural competition to drive innovation and creativity, will have to rely on the individuals within the system for that innovation and creativity.

I hope for the sake of our children that we are able to beat the odds and actually create a system that prepares our students for their future in the 21st century. To say that we have achieved real school change would require no less. – Steve Wyckoff

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