School change: two suggestions

by Steve Wyckoff on April 27, 2010

We’ve  kicked school change around a lot without much success. Schools look very much today like they did 50 years ago. So what that I would like to make two small suggestions that I think might make a huge difference.

1) Schools need to have autonomy, and not autonomy to do what the government tells them to do, but true autonomy. Free to do as they see fit. We don’t need government bureaucrats as watchdogs in either Washington DC, or Topeka. There is a better way to monitor accountability. And that is …

2) Parental choice. If you want schools to be accountable Give parents unlimited parental choice. They will abandon schools in a heartbeat who are not serving their children well. Schools today are accountable to bureaucrats who are more interested in test scores than the well-being of individual children.

In fact, the more we can get government out of our schools, the better off we’ll be. Want some proof? I just saw this data from the federal government. Yes it’s their own data. The federal government has spent over $166 billion on Head Start, and their own study shows by the end of kindergarten all the differences have been lost.

Real school change imminent happen if we leave it up to government. Real school change is going to occur when we get government out of our schools. – Steve Wyckoff

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